I decided to submit a painting to the contest for June for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I don’t know what the results are yet, but the submissions were due yesterday. Wish me luck.
In the meanwhile, I have yet to post my storyboards which are near to completed for my submission to Red Cygnet. I will try and do that…. but more importantly than posted them, I need to finish the illustrations! So it may be a while before I put any new images up here. However, it seems like people like what I’ve got. I hope so. I am very nervous about it since I got rejected before. (get used to it, is what I’ve been hearing and have come to know is just the truth about illustration). I will have to complete two finished illustrations, have clean, finished storyboards, and perfect text. All of this in about 2 weeks time.
My boyfriend, Joshua Kemble, has started working at Lakeshore today. I am really happy for him. He recently got into 3X3, CMYK Magazine, won the Xeric Grant, and then also had an offer from MBN (?) to publish his 2nd comic. (I put a link to his website for anyone who would like to see his work). I have to get these submissions done, too, so I might follow his footsteps and work at Lakeshore. I need to be drawing for a living in some way or I’m going to start thinking about jumping off a building.
I shouldn’t write this while at my current job…. it seems wrong.
So a change of subject.
I don’t know if anyone is reading this yet or have ever, but I do plan on changing it around to mirror Kevin Tong’s blogspot (it’s kind of a website), which I know I mentioned before. I think it’s a good idea. Besides, I am web ignorant and need something to send to people so they can see my stuff. So don’t be surprised if this whole thing changes! :)
well, better get going.

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