more fun stuff

I randomly found more fun things on my book.
The most exciting to me was discovering that Powell’s bookstore in Portland, OR carries my book
on its website!
Other than that, I saw that some libraries (one that I think is in Canada?) carries my book, too.
I am thinking of donating a couple copies that I have that are slightly damaged to some libraries near here or giving them to the local bookstores in hopes that the managers will like them.
In the meanwhile, it’s official:

I have a second book contract lined up with Red Cygnet and Baker and Taylor!! Its an adorable story based on the company Baker and Taylor who are two cats that used to frequent a library. (see the website for Baker and Taylor if you are curious because the story is much more clear there).

their website:

The cats are Scottish Folds and I am looking forward to drawing and painting animals.
In the meanwhile, I had been insanely busy working on some freelance work. Now that it is finished, I can focus on creating a cover for the new book. Once that’s ready I will be posting more about it.

Here is copied text from their site about the history on the company and the two cats:

Our Mascots
“Baker & Taylor”

There is a long tradition of cats living in libraries, probably going back to the ancient Egyptian library in Alexandria. In the 19th Century, the British government paid libraries to keep cats, because they kept rodents from eating the glue and binding off of books. Nowadays, cats still like libraries as nice warm places with plenty of nooks and crannies. And, libraries like to have cats around while librarians do their work.

Although both are gone now, ‘Baker’ and ‘Taylor’ were the pride of the Douglas County Public Library in Minden, Nevada. Baker joined the library staff in 1983, much to the delight of patrons and the despair of would-be rodents. Taylor’s position was created two month later through a grant from Baker & Taylor, Inc. Together they carried on the long tradition of working library cats.

Baker and Taylor spent much of their time at the checkout counter where they restored disorder to overly quiet afternoons. The library saw a constant parade of people who dropped by from great distances just to see the cats.

Baker and Taylor claim a pedigree of the Scottish Fold persuasion, which is known for distinctive turned-down ears, gentleness, and abundant personality. Characteristics include a thick, short coat, broad cheeks, powerful build, massive round head, and well-rounded whisker pads.

In 1988, Baker and Taylor became the official mascots of Baker & Taylor, Inc. The pair have been immortalized on posters, tote bags, calendars, note cards, and other materials that we continue to distribute at trade shows and press events.

Until their passing in the mid 1990’s, Baker and Taylor provided great joy and entertainment for staff and patrons alike, and continue to represent the strength and excitement of Baker & Taylor, Inc.

Here are some more fun links:
(please write a review if you have any time or would like to_!horizon

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