Spring News

Hello again,
I am still at my day job, but on my last break. I just visited JacketFlap and saw all the new blogs commenting on the coming of Spring!
This morning I noticed on my calendar that tomorrow is officially when “Spring begins” and I look out my window to see… gray skys and small showers of light rainfall. Such is the weather of Portland! However, I love it here and wouldn’t ask for it any other way… I think moving from California made me spoiled when it came to warm, sunny weather, and now I adore any cold, rainy seasons. I am ready for some flowers though!

Back to work… I am in the middle of a painting which I hope to finish tonight, but only time will tell. I did manage to join the Flickr group for Illustration Friday so I hope I can do this week’s, but otherwise, I may start up with next weeks (since I just joined yesterday).
Thanks for visiting my blog! I linked this title with my website, since I finally purchased my own url.

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