Possible Ink…

Well, I am going to post the drawing I’m working on so far…

From what Mei has told me, and I agree, there are some fixes still, but I like to post the “in progress” stuff.

I’ll have to ground the bike some more, change the height of the rock formations so it has more variation, and pay more attention to the clouds….

But it’s off to a nice start. I have to fight the urge to paint it… I am going to attempt to ink this one… I do have the image scanned so if it ends up I want to paint it, too, I can still get the image and transfer it to watercolor paper.

Hope people like it so far…

It’s taking too long for the weekend to come, but then I have to remember that this weekend will be Stumptown Comic Fest. Josh suggested I take my comic pages (reprints) to show to Darkhorse because they are scouting for someone to do an online comic for them.

I hope I have time to follow up on this.

3 thoughts on “Possible Ink…”

  1. I like your pictures for the stories they can tell. I enjoy the depth of your characters beyond the lines and colors on the page. Do you have stories in your mind when you create them?

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