Comics Galore

I finally have a free moment here to post really quickly that the Stumptown Comic Fest was loads of fun! We were way in the back, but still managed to sell some mini’s and some books.
(click on this blog title for a link to the Big Illustration Party Time Blogspot shownotes on the Comic Fest- the podcast is free download, by the way, and loads of fun.)

I have recooperated from all the sitting and standing and talking and loading and unloading… and laundry… that tonight, I pray I will be able to work some on that drawing I posted a while ago!

Meanwhile, please check out the lovely blogs I have been following (you can see them when you click on my profile). I just love these blogs!! Most are children book illustrators, but some are useful blogs related to the publishing industry. I really admire these creators and they provide me with loads of inspiration.

Ok, back to my day job.

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