Well, I am going to post my embarassing attempt at ink.  I really need to work on this.

I don’t think I really did what I wanted to do with the ink, and I think it has a lot to do with what I decided to paint.  It’s funny because I really only like the washes!  This would be similar to what?  Hmmm, watercolor maybe?  I do like the koala-guy.
I think that I may just have to paint this instead or move on.  There are plenty of paintings in my head that should be out on paper at least once.
On a totally different note, I heard from my twin that they have adopted a kitten.  My other sister works at a Vet Clinic and I guess someone dropped off a little white kitten with happy blue eyes all because he was deaf.  So they took him in and now my nephew has been completely enthralled.  His name is Oliver (after “Oliver and Company” the Disney movie).
This makes me wish I could go meet him in person although I did get to see him through I-Chat.
I have been in a slump… but I think I am going to come out now.  I think that messing up this picture as long as I was working on some sort of artwork, has now energized me since the convention.  By the way, Josh has posted some photos from the event on his Flickr account under set titled Stumptown 2009.  I will make the title of this blog posting a link to his Flickr account.  

3 thoughts on “Ink..?”

  1. Very nice! Ink is tough. I usually just use Micron pens because I’m useless with pen and ink. I too have a twin (who recently got a kitten)!Keep up the good work.

  2. Yes, I think I am definitely amateur at using an ink brush. It was fun to try though… Maybe I’ll have another black and white experiment.Or maybe I’ll try using ink with watercolor again.

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