Twitter, Flickr, Blogger…

I have been looking at blog postings (I have a couple that I read all the time) and also looking on Twitter… and finding that I visit these so often that there are not a lot of updates compared to the amount of time I visit the sites. I think that’s a definite que that I need to spend more time working on art and visit these more like twice a week instead of several times a day!! It is addictive though…
I am especially addicted to reading Neil Gaiman’s Tweets… he is so funny and always, always, doing something exciting! (I must send my sister a copy of The Graveyard Book, buy Coraline when its released, and also get his latest children’s book, the Blueberry Girl when I have the money).
I sincerely can’t wait until I have enough money saved up to send out promotional material/submissions. :)
Hope to have artwork posted soon.

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