Out from Hiding…

I have my next painting all mapped out on paper now and am excited for the weekend to paint it!! Of course, Portland is getting a warm, sunny weekend to tempt me to go outside, but I have my desk right by the window, so hopefully, I will still get some of the sun.

My best friend from California is visiting (almost 99% certain!) the weekend before Josh’s family is visiting! I am so excited!  Of course, this also means the apartment needs to be cleaned.
I actually enjoy cleaning (to an extent) so this won’t be so bad as long as CK and Dozer decide they like their toys more than our stuff!
On a different note, it’s been fun figuring out Twitter and trying to get more involved with that site… as well as Flickr.  I think that trying to get in touch and make some friends in the field help so much! Plus it’s always fun to read their blogs and feel happy that you aren’t alone in the artworld.  I think actually when I graduated college that was the thing I missed the most-group critiques and hanging out after class working on art together.  We were a hardcore bunch of students at the time… although I always think, “I could’ve worked harder!”  This is why I love reading and commenting other artists and seeing all of these amazing artists’ work!
In the meanwhile, I also hope to land a bit of freelance work as well… I just quoted a possible client and have yet to know whether it is in the bag.  I think the story would be rad to illustrate, but the details must remain confidential.
I also just recently sent my latest publisher my dedications, so I am hoping I will soon see more interiors (if I see them) before they go to print.  I am really excited to see this book when it comes out… I really love the characters in the story.
This weekend: repair vacuum, clean, and paint!!!! Onward and upward!

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