On Pause

So I know I posted a WHILE ago that I would have a new painting up, and yet, it still sits on my desk…
The reason for this is that first, Josh, my fiance, was having horrible tooth aches from an exposed nerve and he has no insurance to use. We had to take an entire day to sit at one of those walk-in clinics that are run by OHSU (or student dentists/professors).
He may need a root canal… but the price was a lot better than if we had gone to a regular dentist. I think it’s hard for freelancers to acquire insurance in general, but it really made me feel lucky for having my day job. Once we are married, this should be fixed. I still want to be a full-time freelancer at some point, but I guess there is a plus to having my day job.

Then, about a day later, one of my pug dogs became ill. He was having problems urinating because of crystal build-up in his bladder. I guess it’s a little more common in pugs, although still rare, and caused by an inability to break down certain food. We had to have him go through an emergency surgery. We were waiting anxiously this morning to find out if he has recovered but we finally got the word that he’s going to be fine. We are to pick him up this afternoon.

So good news that he’s ok, but it’s been a hellish week!!
So I am grateful to have Monday off so I might catch up on this painting and spend some time with my pug! (and my fiance-it’s his Birthday- what a present! He can keep his best friend!).

Thank you to those who helped and cared!

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