I ended up messing around with this image on Photoshop because I was a little unhappy with the colors I painted it… I think this version is much better…

I need to get better sleep… too much going on in my head regarding finances, my dog, and just general jitters-in-the=night!
I don’t like using Photoshop, but when I want to mess with the colors without messing up a painting, I admit, it is useful.
Painting by hand is so much more rewarding, though.  I doubt that red would’ve picked up much enough to get a nice greenish-yellow that I wanted to test for the bushes.
Oh well.  I hope my twin, Mei, likes this one.

4 thoughts on “Revised”

  1. The question that popped into my head, before actually reading the post, was how do you revise a water color without starting from scratch.I really need to learn photoshop one day.I thought of Wind in the Willows when I first saw this one.

  2. This is a beautiful piece, Mai! It really makes me think about my time in elementary, when all I would do is read these types of books. This type being awesome, of course. :-)

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