For those of you that enjoyed Star Trek… Click on this Title!

My classmate from college is one of the costume designers for some big movies out this year!
Please check out his blogspot and his website to view his work.
It’s awesome to see his name in the credits!
I have not seen Terminator yet, but I loved the other two- especially Star Trek.
Congratulations Phil! (and Brian)!

Another rad artist that works on Costumes that I know from school is Oksana- I have a link to her blogspot here as well. (Her work includes the Narnia movies).

Sigh… such great talented people- and wonderful human beings as well!!
Isn’t that always nice! :)

3 thoughts on “For those of you that enjoyed Star Trek… Click on this Title!”

  1. Holy crap, that is amazing! Do you happen to know if they need an assistant? (ME BROKE!)Yeah, Terminator 1 & 2 was awesome, but don't watch 3, and Salvation (4) isn't all that great.

  2. They are part of the Costumer’s Guilde (I think that’s what it is called) so they do not really hire people.I’m sure there is information online if you look it up :)It’s a lot like freelancing from what I hear- building your portfolio, landing a job, pushing for more work.But yes, they are amazing aren’t they? :)

  3. Hey Mai!haven’t talked to you in awhile. I would love to see all my long beach friends again someday. Your art is looking great! I saw your blog on Phils blog. Tell Josh whats up too. LaterJeremy

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