Some ideas

I will at some point, link all the amazing artists whose blogs I follow, as well as those I found on Flickr, because I feel like it’s just too selfish to keep them all to myself.

I also plan on getting my new painting drafted… I started it yesterday night and am sooo excited to paint it! However, my friend from CA is coming up tomorrow night so I have to put it off for a bit. It’s inspired by my most recent find Mr. John Shelley (who is linked to the title of this blog). I was perusing JacketFlap and saw his portfolio and was pretty much blown away. I read that he lived in Tokyo for 20 years. My mom is Japanese and actually in Japan right now (I miss her!!!) and so I thought how much I wanted to illustrate something that includes my own heritage. It’s a Japanese street scene with some children on rooftops and doing some other mischevious things… but still in the making.

I will have to post more later!

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