little update

I have my painting ready to post, but the scanner was not working today, so that will have to wait until I can get that fixed…  I think it turned out alright.  I have ideas for more paintings and the like stewing in my head.  I am thinking about trying to get more sketches posted on my website as well.

In the meanwhile, I updated a lot of links on here to include blogs that I like to follow.  All of these links I visit regularly and find tons of inspiration as well as first-hand accounts from illustrators out in the field.  It can sometimes seem like such a small, lonely little world unless you remind yourself that everyone has been where you are and everyone starts from somewhere.  In the midst of trying to survive some personal events not related to art, I have been trying to view my portfolio objectively and tap back into what I like to draw or paint… I feel like I go back and forth between wanting to perfect how I paint and work, to trying to remember what it is I like to draw, and then also, what is necessary to show I CAN draw or paint in order to get work.
I think that all you can do when you are stuck in a rut is just keep drawing… just keep painting.  I think life managed to creep up and hit me pretty hard these past weeks and had left me feeling a bit disillusioned…  but I think I’m back.  And a lot of that stuff has been resolved to some extent… so to change things to a positive note before I end this post, I hope to post that painting I finally finished and keep on posting… 
So, go check out some of these links!!! :)

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