So it’s incredibly hot right now in Portland, OR- in the hundred degrees this entire week, in fact.  My poor pug dogs have been panting all day long…  so I’ve had to fill the bathtub with water and sit in there with them to help cool them off.  It helps though so that’s good.  The weekend is supposed to at least go down to the 80’s and 90’s so I am happy.  Here is my art desk luckily sitting near two large windows in our dining/kitchen area.

I recently visited California to see my family so I spent much of the four days watching my nephews and nieces.  Try to imagine watching one 8 month old baby, two toddlers, age 4 and 5, and one 2 yr. old in scorching hot weather at Disneyland.  Yep.  Needless to say, I was exhausted when I returned home.  However, it was also super nice to see everyone again- I hadn’t seen them all in a year, which is the most I’ve ever been away from my family.  I talk to my mom every day… and my twin and I are pretty close… not to mention the fact that I dote on my nephews and nieces quite a bit (Keegan is actually featured in The Moon and the Night Sweeper and I have in the background in one of the interior pages for I Can Speak Bully, their names on the cubbies in the classroom).. so it was about time I got to hang out again!

We took some official looking family portraits, and then some less-than official pictures on PhotoBooth…

I’m the attractive one in yellow.
If my computer continues to work I can finally scan some new sketches.  I think it’s funny that I already am considering making some changes to my website… Updating and changing will continue to happen, I’m sure.  I’m liking the new features they have on Blogger as well.
I hope to have more art soon!  I can’t wait to have my advance money come in so I can put it toward mailing out more art to publishers!

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  1. I read that as,'My poor pug dogs have been painting all day long…!'How awesome would that be?! 'What's that, Lassie?… There are two children trapped in a mine? No? Ohhhh, you think the skin tone needs a little less naples yellow!!! GOOOOOOD GIRLLLL!'

  2. I have a suspicion that whenever we leave the apartment that they are having a little doggie party… I also think it suspicious that pugs keep ending up on my paintings… ya never know… I don't remember putting them on there….hmmmmm

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