Other people…

I started this blog a long time ago… and much to the lovely changes Blogger made to the site, I have been able to stay on top of a bunch of artist’s websites and blogs… the rewards are great!!
I am excited to read all the stories and hear ideas and other people trying to make it in the illustration world… and I also realized how important it is to comment!
I know what it’s like to write something or post something hoping for other’s to notice… :) so I have decided to really not be shy (believe it or not, I am pretty shy) and just put my thoughts out there… to encourage other artists, too! I’m sure they feel the same way- it’s nice to know people are listening! Anyway, that’s my two-bits for now.
If anyone knows of any other sites or blogs that are inspirational, I am eager to find more!

I will also be trying to get more art up on my own blog, too!!

Check out It’s a Whimsical Life link… daily creativity is in store! Lovely idea :>

5 thoughts on “Other people…”

  1. Thanks guys!! I think that it just sometimes needs to be said to "be bold!" as my former oil painting professor used to coach us.It's hard to approach established illustrators sometimes… and especially those you admire!! :Pbut here goes nothing…!!

  2. You're right Mai! It is very scary to approach Illustrators that you like. But sometimes people respond and sometimes they don't. But keep yourself out there asking questions and making comments. Wisdom comes from any and everywhwere. And the blessing of blogs and internet is that it makes those folks we admire so much closer and more accesible than they would have been in the past. A great reason to take advantage of those opportunities.Best of luck to you! (Not that you need it!)-Wilson

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