I Can Speak Bully

Yay, I received my copies of I Can Speak Bully written by Kevin Morrison today!

They look awesome. I am so glad. I love the orange back and the type looks great! I re-read the text as well and think it turned out really, really well! Hopefully, other people will think so, too.
It’s a really sweet story… :)
** you can click on this blog post title for a link to Powell’s Books here in Portland to pre-order!
Anyway, I will post some pictures for those that want to take a little peak.
I may end up doing a little interview on Big Illustration Party Time this Sunday to promote it as well, but we will see. :)
I also have another painting I did for some promotional material that I will post as well.
Thanks for reading and commenting on my last post- I think that it’s great to join arms with your fellow illustrators!! You are all bada$$es!! :)
‘scuse the $’s…
Lot’s more to announce in the future!

About maiskemble

I am a published author/illustrator of children's books. I live and work in Long Beach, CA with my husband, comic book artist/t-shirt designer, Joshua Kemble.


  1. Congrats Mai! Great work, saw the link from Josh's FB. You both are making us 49er's proud!Stephanie B.

  2. looks beautiful, Mai! You must be stoked! Will it come out over here in UK? cx

  3. wow good job Mai! book's lookin' lovely.. and look how happy that kid is~ sweetness

  4. Congrats!,looks beautiful:)For what I see it must be a great work

  5. Congratulations on your new book! You asked me on my blog about the Alice in Wonderland mug – the one in the picture is just an ordinary mug but I did buy the disappearing Cheshire cat one for our son. We were a bit disappointed in it as the surface design started to peel away. As far as I know, we never put it in the dishwasher, and always washed it by hand.Still, it was fun while it worked, we never got tired of watching the cat disappear to a cheesy grin while pouring in the hot tea :)Hope you have a lovely day.

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