I Can Speak Bully

Yay, I received my copies of I Can Speak Bully written by Kevin Morrison today!

They look awesome. I am so glad. I love the orange back and the type looks great! I re-read the text as well and think it turned out really, really well! Hopefully, other people will think so, too.
It’s a really sweet story… :)
** you can click on this blog post title for a link to Powell’s Books here in Portland to pre-order!
Anyway, I will post some pictures for those that want to take a little peak.
I may end up doing a little interview on Big Illustration Party Time this Sunday to promote it as well, but we will see. :)
I also have another painting I did for some promotional material that I will post as well.
Thanks for reading and commenting on my last post- I think that it’s great to join arms with your fellow illustrators!! You are all bada$$es!! :)
‘scuse the $’s…
Lot’s more to announce in the future!

6 thoughts on “I Can Speak Bully”

  1. Congratulations on your new book! You asked me on my blog about the Alice in Wonderland mug – the one in the picture is just an ordinary mug but I did buy the disappearing Cheshire cat one for our son. We were a bit disappointed in it as the surface design started to peel away. As far as I know, we never put it in the dishwasher, and always washed it by hand.Still, it was fun while it worked, we never got tired of watching the cat disappear to a cheesy grin while pouring in the hot tea :)Hope you have a lovely day.

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