Big Illustration Party Time

I recently was interviewed by the hosts of BIPT (Big Illustration Party Time) podcast (Kevin Cross and Joshua Kemble- my fiance) for Children’s Books… They talk about freelancing, cartooning, and other insightful info.

Feel free to download the episode #34 for free on I-Tunes (search in the “store” section) or there is also a quick-link at the right side of my blog.


6 thoughts on “Big Illustration Party Time”

  1. How great! What an awesome interview that was. I have found a new pod cast to listen to! (You should be a regular.) Thank you so much for mentioning my blog on the podcast. I'm really thankful and very appreciative!

  2. I am man enough to say that I have had a few girl screams in my life. You know the high pitched almost squeals of exasperation that a man can release. Well, up until now they had always been in private. LOL! I had my first public man-girl scream of delight today as I listened to your interview in my cubicle at work. The ground hog heads immediately began to poke up out of their cubicles at my squeals of surprise! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog during your interview. It was an honor, to say the least! And may I say that you were excellent! A great fit with the podcast. You were intelligent, insightful, informed and entertaining. Bravo! I enjoyed it thoroughly and got even more information in regards to breaking into the industty that I didn't have before. They definitely should have you back on topics that you can give your two cents on. You are a wonderful addition to an already great podcast! Congratulations and thanks again!!-Wilson

  3. Wow- thanks guys!! I really think that there's a "post-recording" syndrom that makes you think horrible thoughts about whatever you just publicly recorded and put out there… I was a nervous wreck!! HAHA. I think I might be on the show again in the future (not sure what the topic will be?) but I do hope that it was good stuff- and most importantly- accurate! :)should anyone hear something that is more informative, or accurate or what-not I'd like to know, too. hehehe, illustrators unite!!!

  4. oh, also, I wanted to mention so many more blogspots… but alas, there's not enough time on that show- so anyone reading this that hasn't, I have a lot of links to some truly talented amazing people so please take a look!! :)thanks for the comments!

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