A Happy Find amid a Hellish Week

Well, this has been a hectic past week.

My twin flew in from CA on Saturday morning, which was great. We geeked out together and frequented the asian supermarket here in Beaverton, OR- Uwajimaya together, which was fun. I also showed her a couple nice parks, as well as downtown Portland- the Pearl District.
However, come Monday morning, I had four wisdom teeth extracted and was thereby totally incapacitated for about three days! I am kind of a weakling, I hate to admit, especially with pills or medication, and whatever they prescribed me for pain brought forth series of anxiety attacks mixed with complete stupidity… it was horrible. My poor sister ended up watching over me for two of the days that she was down… I was told by countless people how having your wisdom teeth isn’t “that bad” and that “a day or so” and you’ll be quite yourself. I should’ve realized that I am not like the average person and being as I said, a weakling, should’ve added two more days because of that fact. Needless to say, I was unable to function and therefore, have not much to report of show… :(
However, I DO want to show off a great find I made while we were at Uwajimaya- a Moomin decorated candy tin!! I will cherish this forever as I am a big fan of Moomin. :)
If you don’t know what or who this little hippo adventurer is you should immediately find out!!!
Written and drawn by Tove Jansson, in the 1940s to 1950s, Drawn & Quarterly released a complete Moomin comics book that I bought a year ago at a convention… I have fallen in love with it… I wish I had known about it sooner!!
Anyway, so enjoy the cute little tin and the flowers that I received after surgery…
apparently I was blowing kisses to the nurses and lobby staff when I came out of surgery because I was so drugged up… so maybe I deserved the flowers…
(this is also why I do not drink any alcohol… ) :P
So, lastly, I am sorry for the lack of work! Hope to have something soon! ;)
Oh, and isn’t it wonderful it’s Fall now? My favorite season of all…. ;)

3 thoughts on “A Happy Find amid a Hellish Week”

  1. Hi Mai, I hope you're feeling better after your ordeal – anything to do with my teeth–cavities, fillings etc freaks me out. I get super nervous about going to the dentist so I can only imagine having to do a major procedure like that! I have a sensitive nature too – can't drink, and have to take half the dose of prescriptions as most people. I think it's all part of being an artist (panic attacks too) – but it's also part of why you're such a good artist! :-D You're in tune with things most people miss. Take care.

  2. Awww, thanks Paige!!!:)you start to feel like the "odd man out" when you're the only weakling… although my whole family tends to be a bit weak on the medication side.Poor artists subject to so many demands- self inflicted and otherwise- no wonder we are a ball of nerves! I just read Cassia Thomas' blog entry riddled with panic as well!! ;)at least it's Friday…

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