A happy reminder…

I have been sketching over the past couple days some character roughs for a new manuscript… and also just sketches for fun…

I was going to post some life drawing sketches that I did one night when Josh and I went to Starbucks to draw people, but I think I may do that at a later date.
I have also been battling a major slump so I’m happy that I was able to get some fun sketches in that I really enjoyed drawing.
It’s always so relieving when you find your “art hand” back in play and I just remember how there is nothing quite like drawing for fun. I am hoping to have a special spark fly so I can make some time to do a last personal painting before I get too busy with this book.
Speaking of the book I am working on, I so far have only just signed and returned the contract, as well as read and studied the manuscript… Ususally I’ll have a pretty strong first impression and idea of how I want the illustrations to look, but this time, I feel open to a bit of experimentation and therefore, I don’t have one set idea yet… but too many!
In any case, it will get reeled in until I feel something is right… :)
Anyway, hope you all enjoy the sketches… :)
Happy drawing!

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