Welcome to Pro-Comics!

I’ll probably expand on this later but for now I’ll just say that this is a group blog for people who make comics to post their comics on. 
It’s about comics. 


To welcome you all personally, I’ll post my very first published comic made way back in 2001…

Back then, when I was in the middle of taking six semesters of comics classes at Pacific Northwest College of Art, I was asked by my teacher Timothy J. Miller to contribute to a zine called Shiot CRock which he started on The Comics Journal messageboard. I was very reluctant at first but finally signed up on the last day.

A few months later a cartoonist (blog member “Honcho”) was editing an anthology called Swell and asked me to contribute. I completed a twelve-page story called Eyeballs for it but months later, he decided it wasn’t right for the book. The only other thing I had was this two-page comic so I sent it. The book featured many of my favorite cartoonists and sold a couple thousand copies.

Eventually this comic was seen by millions of people on the internets (thanks to all who posted it on MySpace, etc.)

It’s called “How’s It Goin’?” and it goes like this:
Thanks for looking and reading!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Pro-Comics!”

  1. Yeah, when I first read it I thought it was really funny because it was so obviously snarky–but you don't seem to mention that in your text. Was that how you meant it?

  2. Well yeah, of course that was part of it but there was also the idea that in a comic I could introduce myself as an idealized character. My life and work were a mess at the time and I was looking to make something more positive. It was funny how much I became that character, especially at conventions. I sold a lot of comics that way.

  3. On a different note, though—-I don't know what it is about that fifth panel. That expression—it seems genuinely compassionate. Almost in a feminine kind of way—that's the best word I can think of to describe it. A compassionate feminine empathy. It just strikes me that way. Probably unintentional, but it would be interesting if it wasn't…

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