Hey! That reminded me of this thing I sloshed it out at a 24-hour comic marathon when I was a freshman at Pratt in 2002. (I think I lasted five of those hours.) It’s pretty lame and the idea doesn’t go anywhere, especially with that dumb caption I tacked on at the end, but it struck me as a somewhat darker twist on the same idea you had….

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  1. It's interesting how many of us, when we were starting out, had our characters talking to the reader. I'm not sure if it was the influence from reading a lot of Crumb, etc. or Understanding Comics or if it was some personal attempt to connect and make it real. I'm not saying it's always a bad thing but it seems most cartoonists eventually stop trying to break the fourth wall and just get on with telling a story. P.S. Pratt must be a good school because you got a LOT better. (Although this piece does have a bit of that unique and timeless innocence that I still see in your work.)

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