Preliminary Works and a Migraine from "You know where"

Here is snippet of some preliminary character sketches I have done for one of the books I am working on… I approached this story differently from ones I have done in the past… mainly that I have taken a bit more time on the sketches and the storyboards. I am pretty happy with it so far.
The other story is still not fleshed out enough for me to really show much…
I do have a cover image but I can’t really show that yet….

However, I did want to post something since it’s been so long.
I just haven’t done much personal work to show since I have been busy.

Today was a strange day though. I woke up with a splitting headache that just never went away until about ten minutes ago (it is now 9:52 pm)…. with the help of Excedrin Migraine medicine that my friend happened to have on her. So finally relief! Although I am so exhausted I may have to crash early. This weekend should be interesting working on storyboards for the second book and then maybe I can get some time in for new painting. I feel like I haven’t painted in ages!

Josh has been posting t-shirt design after t-shirt design on his website and they are really interesting. I like his last one… click on the link to his website (it’s under his NEWS section) if you like… :)

I feel like there is tons to write about but I’m just too tired to get into it all…
Waiting for a weekend… and my paycheck.

Tax time will be interesting…

But hey! Spring will be here soon… I read a good book called The Shadow Thieves (Young Adult Fiction/Fantasy) by Anne Ursu – it’s the first of a series… but it was very charming.
OK, I’m starting to ramble now…
I do hope everyone else is doing well and I hope that this blog doesn’t become totally boring with nothing to show!! Gotta keep it together! :)
Wish me luck!

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