Peony – a short silent comic

These pages are a short comic I created a number of years ago that was supposed to be much longer. However, now that I am engrossed in children’s books, I may never finish it. The title is “Peony” who was the name of the main character, not pictured here. Hope you like what you see…

3 thoughts on “Peony – a short silent comic”

  1. I actually saw this the other day when I was peeking at your site.I don't know what's going on here, but I really want to find out. Very intriguing little world you've created in just a few pages—largely because of that solid, believeable landscape. And the layouts are fun because they're dynamic and reflective of different sensations. I'm thinking particularly of the page where you first see the woman. What makes that even better is the contrast with the following page. I think I know what you "meant" by those two layouts, though it's hard to put into words. (Splintered, first-person moment of discovery, versus even-tempoed, cautious mutual exploration). And I LOVE the design of that little character. (Guess I sorta have a thing for big noggins.)

  2. Thanks, I probably should've put a small story synopsis…I'll try to edit the post to include a snippet about the story… who knows, maybe it will inspire me to do more pages.:)But thank you very much!

  3. Beautiful work! I really like the fact that you've created a compelling world without using words. That is the mark of a true story teller. You have used great panel placement. It flows well and draws one in very well. Not to mention, the art is pretty darned fantastic as well!

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