Up late

I just scanned and emailed a couple paintings to my publisher to be used in some meetings… but I thought I should post the painted version of the sketch I posted earlier.
Its been a crazy night.

We also started our Annual Arty Gras Sale at Art Supply Warehouse (Westminster, CA) so I am recovering from Friday’s mayhem. You can click on the title of this post to see the website. I work here during the weekdays. Oh and one of my fellow CSULB graduates is doing a watercolor demo tomorrow (Sunday) too!! Click on his link: Sketchboy (or Chris Kawagiwa) which you can find down on the right side of my blog.
Anyway, I ran around like CRAZY during the sale on Friday and am very sore… I hardly ever nap and I passed out earlier this afternoon before painting and scanning a bunch of paintings. Tomorrow should be more of the same.

I think the computer stuff takes the longest and is the most aggravating for me…

Although I would love to write more and more and more interesting silly tidbits, I am TOO tired…

Hope you like it so far… not much and there is certainly more to show, but I think I will have to wait for another time.

For some reason tonight I think of the last line in Anne of Green Gables… which I think goes something like “God is in his Heaven. All is right with the world.”

I am glad to be going to bed now! :)

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