Feeling a bit prickly? Feeling a bit snuggly? Can’t decide?

I am listening to the fan in the window pumping out hot air and sucking in cool air… and remembering a funny realization that I made when I came back to California.
The sky is different by the ocean. It may sound strange, but I never realized this until I came back after a year in beautiful Oregon and looked up… to see something so wide and wonderful in the sky I had been staring at since I was a baby. It is totally different… you can almost TELL that a few miles and boom! there has to be an ocean in that direction!

Anyway, the heat also reminded me how HOT it is here… yikes! I don’t deal too well in heat. I also don’t really like showing skin (??? maybe it’s related to the shyness) so this makes it worse. HAHA. I used to walk around in white undershirt/tank-tops and “shants” (like pirate pants) when I was 17 and didn’t care if a shoulder strap or two was hanging out… now… not at all. Why? I don’t know.

So today was St. Patrick’s Day! Keegan has tacked to the kitchen pantry door a 12″ Leprechaun which he colored– the head is held to the body by a tack so it can move… and he said:
“Mai, Mai, you know, today, when we were in uh, class, Mrs.T said… for us to uh, pick up our papers, and there under it was a gold coin!!”
“WOW! Can I see it?”
“Yea, it’s right there. It’s because it’s St. Patrick Day. And I got pinched.”
“Why? You were wearing green?”
“Yea but they had these other shirts so I changed to that and I got pinched.”
Anyway, I saw The Gold Coin and it is very shiny. I’m very jealous… I wish my money was that shiny. Well, at least my ATM card is gold. Oooh fancy…
So I’m sure all the people up in the Northwest are enjoying their green beer!
Well, back to work. This coming weekend will be more painting and storyboard revisions!

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