So today was “80s” themed day at ASW (http://www.artsupplywarehouse.com/) and my twin and I decided to participate… she dressed as Robert Smith and I dressed as Siouxie. We will have to take a picture and post one later… unless they have one up on the ASW Facebook page (??? Mark our general manager did take one).

Meanwhile, I got a lot of stares from customers as almost NO ONE on the floor dressed up…. bummer. My old co-worker, Jason, in Oregon would have been sad, too… he was the only Office manager that would get into the Halloween costumes (well, him and Sasha :* ) Anyway, I eventually had to get out of the two belts, bracelet, and crazy eye make-up…

But I pulled a bunch of stuff from the top stock (backstock) which involves a ladder three times my size and heavy boxes heaved down by twiggy girl… needless to say my back hurts and now I am wondering how our bodies work!!

I was talking it over and all of us were pretty amazed at how our bodies function and are held together and the crazy design of it all… thus the title of this post: fascination… and maybe a little ode to the Cure’s Fascination Street ;) for the 80s theme!

ok, look at this pug:

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