Sneak Peek

Well, here is a sneak peek at one of the interior pages for a children’s book I’ve been working on for Charlesbridge. I just sent a PDF of the book for approval… very nerve-wrecking. Have you ever been staring at something for so long, all you can see is blurry??? Well, that’s sort of how I feel. I don’t really think I’ll relax until I see the actual printed book, too.
There is still the cover in the works and I am sure there are other little elements as well as revisions!
Still, it’s always nice to reach this point!
I had my first two hours off in a long time this morning while the pages were being scanned… HAHA.

Now I am waiting on approval on a couple projects and also the hunt for the apartment should now commence!!
Keeping busy… can’t wait to have our apartment set up… I have lots of updating to do!!!!

Happy Sunday peeps!

4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek”

  1. hooray! Welldone, you! I know that feeling well, but be rest-assured that it looks great. I particularly like the sad-looking little girl- great narrative there. Hope the finished thing comes over to our side of the pond. Masses of luck with the other projects too.

  2. Great work as always! You're work has so much vibrance and character. I love your portrayal of kids, it's magical. Best of luck, and good hunting. :)

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