Well, this is what I am currently working on… although it doesn’t quite look like this and I’ve blurred the title on purpose…

I keep thinking how no one ever really realizes how much work is actually put into things… I’m sure. Even the pen that we use to jot down a note someone designed, promoted, created, and distributed… it’s crazy! But I’m sure as people pick up books, they forget that there are a million hours and hands that go into it even being there to hold. :) Kind of amazing, eh?

Well, I am one of those pairs of hands and I am busy painting away!
I really can’t wait to be finished, one for my poor publisher’s sake(who is waiting very patiently), and also so I can get going on the next thing that is also pending at the moment… eek!

I also have a slew of personal paintings I’d like to do along with developing them into some promotional material…
then there’s the apartment thing.

I think I repeat myself… a lot. Sheesh.


My sister Mei has been hand-sewing these little dolls, too! And may just end up selling them. So next time, I’ll have to photo them and put them up.

Bleeeeehhhhhh…. ok! Enough, time to work… :D

5 thoughts on “boo!”

  1. thanks guys!!!:)cassia, totally!!! its mind-boggling… just on the illustration side… I mean, put the writer who thought of it.. wrote it, submitted it (possibly a hundred times), the several different people who read it, had several meetings about it… etc etc…sheesh!!! but so worth it, huh?:)

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