I mailed all the original paintings off to Charlesbridge… I am so relieved and happy to be done!

I am still waiting to hear back on a different project and about to start a new one… but this weekend will all be about moving!

So in the meanwhile, here is some art for the book… the title and all of the details are still not to be announced, but at least I can give you some eye candy! Muahahaha!

I am brain-dead at the moment… wish I had something more prolific or … just funny to write but I really don’t. I just wanted to brag that I was done!

I told my mom and asked her for a high-five and she said “Oh, that’s nice!” but… well, my fam’s always been pretty low-key… It’s like pulling teeth for an “Awesome!” with even one exclamation-mark. Har har. But I did get the high-five. Hehehehe.

Thus, the online bragging!
Well goodnight… onto the next.
And I hope all is well with you. And I give you all high-fives and Awesomes!!!!!! with many exclamation marks.

5 thoughts on “Finish!”

  1. Absolutely wonderful eye candy, Mai!! Congratulations –, you did it and you deserve a huge break. I look forward to seeing more about the book, high fives to you right now!! Thank you for such a nice visit and info about penguinandfish! It's exciting to hear, so thank you so much – one of the ladies mentioned it to me as well, but it's wonderful to know someone has viewed it..thank you! Congrats on the apt. in CA!!! That's fantastic..wishing you a smooth and happy period in your life. : )

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