Colaboratay, Scenes 1-1 to 1-16

Hi, I’m Gareth A Hopkins (aka grthink) and here I present the result of a comic project that I and my friend Daryl Morris (aka anxietydecending) completed in Jan 2010 at our shared blog Colaboratay. It wasn’t the only project we worked on there, but it was arguably the most successful.It was Daryl that suggested it — a conversation in comic format, one frame at a time. Daryl started it with Scene 1-1, and then I did Scene 1-2, and so on. Each frame was done postcard sized (6″x4″) in case we wanted to collect and frame them at a later date. The pace was pretty frantic, considering we’ve both got quite a lot on, and after this first sixteen, we started another run, but we ran out of steam with an unresolvable argument about the quality of the film Cool World (that link is a little dig from me).As we were working on it, we were also having other conversations — in real life, via email, and via the comments on the blog as we posted our scenes up. These conversations informed the direction of the comic — for instance, Daryl’s switch to living in a black and white world directly followed a conversation IRL about Vib-Ribbon. These conversations formed a rich meta-layer to the comic that I found really interesting and exciting, but I don’t think Daryl was as fussed about its presence as I was. Anyway, after this unnecessarily involved intro here it is:

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