a promise

Well, I did promise to post this painting when I was finished and here it is!

I also finally updated my website with some images from the children’s books and my rep did the same. I also managed to visit some sites I haven’t in a while …such as Flickr… I also made a DeviantArt account. Surprisingly, this site seems to get a LOT of traffic…. the only thing is that it is much more fast-paced than I am used to … and almost impossible to navigate! :/ but I do hope that it will encourage more interaction somehow.
Anyway, how was Halloween? Me? Well, Friday we dressed as zombies at work… which was fun. :) We wore torn up clothes and fake blood and took photos.

Then, Saturday, Josh and I drove up to the Antelope Valley with my twin, Mei, to his mum’s annual Hallow’s Eve Party. We carved pumpkins, had a costume contest, and ate chili! It was a blast. I felt bad for Mei because she had a cold, but I think on the whole, it was lots of fun. Awesome costumes, too. Josh’s sister dressed as Elizabeth Bennett, but Lizzie fighting Zombies-style Elizabeth Bennett. (there is a whole book series about Lizzie and her family fighting zombies). See picture. I’ve never read the book… but her costume was perfect!

His mum was a rooster. She was so adorable… hehehehe….
Sunday, the actual Halloween Day, we went with my sisters to take Keegan (my 6 year old nephew) to Trick-Or-Treat. :) It was awesome. He met his friend and the two of them (both dressed as Ninjas) ran from house to house screaming “Trick or Treat!” “Charge!” “Happy Halloween!!” and also “I got more candy than you!”
(All of this is reminding me that I need to go to the dentist… I had my wisdom teeth out last year and I was supposed to follow that by having some cavaties filled… crap. I never remember at the right time….)
Anyway, Halloween is over… the week is about half-way over, I have a paycheck coming to me this week from my Day Job and I finished my painting and can move on to the next.
I better go to bed…
I admit I already have another idea stewing… and I think I need to read 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea because Around the World in 80 Days is one of my favorite novels…and I’ve never read it…. I am so random… but forgive me… I am a bit tired. :) You know, I am glad to be back in California… I truly am. I think Portland is beautiful… but I am glad to be back with people I know and know me. I love the sunshine. I love the city of Long Beach. I love seeing my family and friends more than once a year. Its almost been a year since I got sick last November…and there was a lot of upheave in my life. I feel like it is slowly becoming the past.
I am so glad to be with Josh, too. He has been a huge comfort.
Anyway, Christmas is around the corner (although I don’t suggest we forget Thanksgiving!! YUM)… then New Year. I hope that January brings more work!
Well, goodnight everyone!
thanks for reading ;)

4 thoughts on “a promise”

  1. Great final result on that watercolor! The light coming in from the window was caught quite nicely~Yargh, i wish i had time to stop by ASW to see all your costumes in person. They look great :]

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