Having reached 50 pages feels a little like a milestone (or a millstone). It means in a couple of weeks, this site will be one year old! Considering the weekly update schedule, and the estimated length of the book, ECTOPIARY will be finished sometime in 2020. (Truthfully, I hope to increase the updates to twice a week before long, thereby shortening that span.)

It’s been an interesting week for the site. After meeting the talented and lovely Spike (responsible for Templar, AZ) at the New England Webcomics Weekend shindig, she graciously plugged my comic on her own site. It was extremely gratifying to see the spike in the readership. My thanks to her and everybody who takes the time to read my efforts.

Also, some of you may have noticed that I gave the website a much-needed sprucing up. I replace the hideous logo, added a couple more links and gave it new buttons. The “About” page is still a bit dry, and when I finally get the inspiration, I’ll spice up the text a bit.

As always, I’m grateful to all who write in their thoughts. I am also extremely grateful to people who kindly donate $$ to help my cause. If you wish to join their illustrious ranks, you can do so HERE.

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