Boxcar Artshow

So I am promoting my threadless design which only has 2 days left to score/vote.
working on a couple 6×6 paintings for an artshow here at Art Supply Warehouse’s gallery space Catalyst.
The show is on Dec. 4th…. :)
I will have to post images when I have more to show.
So far, the pencils for at least three are finished.


I am also trying to plan a wedding… its insane… I thought I had my date picked out, but my Pappi is in China and my sister is in Utah… and my Grandpa and Grandma are in New Mexico!


So, trying to work dates in with them all in mind… my nieces and nephews all have school too.


But I think this is where we will have it:

The Harbor View Clubhouse in Huntington Beach…



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