Pug Shakers!

Yesterday Josh & I came across these pug shakers and had to buy them!

Aren’t they sweet?
Apparently there are whole bunch of different types… if you google them and look at the images there are devil/angel, peppers, black and white…etc etc.
Very cute.
They really made my day!
We had gone to Venice Beach to eat lunch with his family for our Brother-in-Law’s Birthday and then ended up going further up to 3rd Street Promenade and hanging around there.
They re-did the mall that was at the end of the street and re-designed the entire building/stores, etc. Now there is a beautiful view of the ocean from the top with a fireplace and lounge area next to a very large eatery and courtyard. Nice… ;>
Anyway, back at the ranch I am now seeing that for the first time in a while, waking up at noon can be kind of freaky when you realize half the day is gone!! But the sun is out and there is always something to do.
So, find something small that can make you smile and go out there!

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