(Josh & I on the “It’s A Small World” ride at Disneyland a few months ago).

Well, obviously I have changed my blog… but I’ve also redone my website…

It isn’t perfect… and there are definitely more things I want to do with it, but I decided to go ahead and publish what I had finished.
Like I posted before, I want to make it possible to sell prints, postcards, and also provide some downloadable things for teachers and parents related to my published books.
I am not quite there yet!
That’s the next step.
In the meanwhile, I hope that everyone likes the new changes… it’s been a long time coming.
On a totally different note, I got my Valentine’s Day gift all set up to give to Josh!! He’ll be away this weekend on a Threadless outing up in Solvang, CA. I guess they do some wine-tasting… ;) I encouraged him to go with his BFF because I do not drink alcohol at all.
Hopefully he’ll come back happily relaxed with funny tales!
Right now he’s pulling consecutive all-nighters week after week… he’s been slammed with work!! Which is nice, but it sure does get you a bit sleep-deprived!
Speaking of sleep… zzzZZZZZZ

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