Polka-Dot Saves Kindergarten!

Well, as I was busy trying to set up a banner with all my titles, I saw that Barnes & Noble had images of my latest book with Charlesbridge!

Polka-dot Saves Kindergarten by Catherine Urdahl!
I was very excited to see that… I wonder if that means a copy for me is in the mail???
I also would like to announce that I *may* be attending the Children’s Book Week (May 2nd to 8th) this year at The Children’s Book World store in Los Angeles, CA.
I definitely look forward to this event! What a great idea? A Whole Week to celebrate and basque in Children’s Books!
Josh is sitting next to me as I type this looking at pictures he has saved on his computer… There are some of my nephew dressed up as Naruto when he was four. So cute!
And also some of our old pug, Holden. :) We thought we had lost all of those when Josh had his bag stolen and it had his external hard drive in it…
We were searching for some nice pictures to use as a profile pic on my website… but we are finding more silly photos than “nice” ones… I doubt anyone knows but I have a habit of sticking my tongue out in pics…

(At our friend, Chris Kawagiwa’s art show this year…)

(Josh’s sister, Lavender, and her husband, Nick- who shares my sense of humor)

(Josh’s sister, Fawn, and me at Disneyland..)
… but I suppose you gotta have a sense of humor, eh?
More painting to come!
And soon… prints to buy!!!

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