Big Illustration Party Episode 45!

As promised, it looks like the new episode of BIPT is finally up! Check out their new site! I actually was in the room while they were recording… pretty cool. :)

For anyone who doesn’t know, my fiance and his co-host/fellow cartoonist/freelance illustrator Kevin Cross, are the two guys giving tips and advice, personal experience, and a lot of humor to what it’s reeeeeaaally like freelancing on this Podcast. They talk about their work-week and answer questions from listeners. It’s pretty fun to listen to because they also add some funny jokes and have a really unique way of looking at freelance that’s kind of “punk rock” and “in your face.” Meaning, they don’t sugar-coat it… which I think, is why people loved the show so much. I’m not where they are as far as making my living solely on freelance, but living with Josh I get the sense that it truly is a love-hate kind of job. In any case, listening to the show can be pretty inspiring and also just a nice way to know “you’re not alone.” :)
I also know that there are a number of other shows that talk about similar subjects but I think -aside from the fact that Josh co-hosts- BIPT is unique because I think they are the most candid. So check ’em out and judge for yourself if you like. :) It’s all in good fun.
On another sort of related note, Josh and I have been listening to The Adventures of Philip Marlowe on ITunes. We are fans of these stories and just the character himself. When you can’t find a lot of time to read, listening to stories is almost as great. The sound effects and voice acting is just so awesome… I love it! :)
I’m sure we’ll have to find more like it when we’ve heard them all… I wonder if they have any Twilight Zones like this… hee hee.
Ok, I’d better try to paint something.

2 thoughts on “Big Illustration Party Episode 45!”

  1. Great to hear your take on BIPT, Mai.I'm one of the original listeners, and giving your POV was very cool.Josh and Kevin have always inspired and shared the fun, and I'm sure being part of it has been fun for you in the past. Glad to hear from you.Awesome art from you too (been following your work ever since I found out on the original BIPT).Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm so happy BIPT is back. They really got me inspired to pursue my own style and find some freelance work. Also, I love old radio programs. I don't know that there were any Twilight Zone radio programs, but you might check out "Suspense" or just google the subject and get a list of old shows- many are available for free on various websites. My absolute favorite is Vic & Sade- I call it the Seinfeld of it's time. Generally just 3 members of a small town family sitting around discussing the various activities of the day. It's done so minimalistically, no music or sound effects- you are completely transported into the world of this small town by the 3 family members and the stories they tell about the wacky residents. After you get acclimated to the time period and used to the ultra verbose way they all talk, it becomes absolutely hilarious. Seriously, one of the most cleverly written shows ever put on any media.

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