Big Blow Out Sale until end of March!

I am selling original work for $100 flat (smaller pieces for $50). Anything on my website (save for a few that have already sold or some interior pages for my books- a few are set aside for people already).

If any interest you, please shoot me an email asap.
So far these are sold:
1. girl falling through the puddle
2. the boy reading a book eating an apple
3. the girl in the library in the green dress
4. the girl in the sky with the parasol
5. Lisa Nguyen in London
6. two faeries with the squirrel
7. the Peter Pan themed painting
8. Nightsweeper interiors
9. I’m so Not Wearing a Dress interiors are spoken for..
I am also doing commissions for $200 flat for this month… (of course, this is subject to change if the painting is super detailed or large).
So! Let me know if you are interested.
On a previous note, BIPT seems to be making a nice comeback! The Twitter scene has been going nuts with the #illoparty at the end of tweets… it’s really nice. I’m glad because it means to me that BIPT is genuinely kicking butt and keeping illustrators happy. I listened to the episode and was laughing that Kevin kept the part where I cut in…(oops!).
I’m also trying to set up a Facebook page for just my illustration work- under Mai Kemble Illustrations… seems like a great way to keep in touch and really keep the buzz going!
I wish that the internet wasn’t so hazy when it came to …well, is anyone out there??? Are we all really connecting??? I read so many blogs and try to comment when I can… but ultimately, we don’t all really know each other. But it’s still so nice to read these blogs and hear about life and other artists and their experiences… for instance, John Shelley is just … well, he’s a sweet heart from what I read… and another example is Paige Keiser and Cassia Thomas… to say even just a few words… oh, and of course, Mishaps and Misadventures (Chad Beckerman- Abrams awesome book designer)… or Cinnamon Rabbit (Julia Denos)… I don’t know… I just really love reading these blogs.
I am a nerd is what it comes down to… but I go to my Day Job and I LOVE my Art Supply Warehouse… I seriously LOVE my job… (YaY, ASW!!!) and I come home and I love Josh and we work together and struggle to do art and live and we have our pugs… and there’s this weird juggle of the internet world and all that we do in this virtual place and then the day-to-day… its like being far apart… and not far at all? Knowing people…and not knowing people??? Its so bizarre. Josh and I are super proud of the few friends we have… that we talk to almost every day and hang out with and who truly know us and all we go through… and then there’s the other world… where we are trying… almost to get through some crazy maze… where you hear people on the other side of the wall and you’re talking but you can’t ever meet…
does that make sense??
but I love both worlds. Hard to really explain… and I feel like I am not the best writer and often times my posts are sort of vague and not very well thought out.
Oh well…
Anyway, I will go back to it all again.
Keep in touch however we all can.
Makes me want to watch You’ve Got Mail. hee hee.

1 thought on “Big Blow Out Sale until end of March!”

  1. I didn't know you worked at ASW! I don't get there often but will have to look for you next time. Their knowledgeable staff is a huge plus- glad to know you're one of them!

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