Facebook & This Weekend

I created a Facebook page for just my illustration work…(please find me and we can be friends, if you would want to). I am still sort of figuring it out since I have a personal Facebook page as well and would like to keep these separate.

Well, anyway, to sum up this weekend, I am SORE and TIRED. :) I did end up going to help my friend paint her house which was fun… despite the sore muscles and the tired body. It was really hard to get up this morning and this afternoon I reeeaaally wanted to take a nap. But it was good to see her and her new puppy, Bean. He was an adorable little red-dappled mini dachshund. CK and Dozer were also happy to meet him and run around in their rather large backyard. I remembered a number of years ago helping my mom do some work on her house and how exhausting it was. After a while you just want it done and yet it never really feels finished.
I also managed to upload more images on Etsy, sell three more paintings, and go through my copy of this year’s CWIM some more in hopes that I can contact more Art Directors. I also submit bids on guru every once in a while and there were a few projects that I hope I get.
So while I am done and tired this weekend, I now feel like I can paint some more and create more images. I have some ideas and a really cool brush I am falling in love with.. ♥
Hope all is well.
Now to return to Fresh Air. :)

2 thoughts on “Facebook & This Weekend”

  1. Wow! You are one hard working lady. I've thought about FB for my illos so I look forward to hearing how it affects your business. Congratulations on the Etsy sales. I have yet to venture in that direction. Thinking Zazzle or Cafe Press might better suit my needs since I am pressed for time as it is. Happy creating this week and thanks for sharing from your experience.

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