Some work in progress

More work for Fadenrot… still pending approval!

I have two more to paint following these and more projects to come! I am super happy with this work!
♥ :)
The boy is reminiscent of earlier painting I did of a boy with a goldfish in a pond.
I painted these while Josh was editing a new BIPT podcast. It’s actually pretty rad because I get a preview of the podcast before it’s up. It’s also funny because I get to hear all the “outtakes.” Stutters, badwords, etc. HAHA. This week’s topic sounds pretty interesting, too. I think so many illustrators have their own experiences and opinions when it comes to the “High Art World/Gallery Culture” vs “Commercial Artists” quote on quote. At least, I’ve had some experiences in college and just visiting different galleries. Anyway, it’s interesting topic to listen people talk about.
Well, I better try and hit the hay as I still have 8 hours of day job tomorrow followed by more paintings!! :)
Which isn’t a complaint!
Good night!
PS: thanks for all the comments everyone- I truly appreciate it!

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