Marriage and Work

Well, I’ve been MIA, but with good reason!!

I recently got married, went on a weekend Honeymoon in Cambria, CA, and then have been busy painting on more projects!
Here is the image so far… it is still pending approval, but following will be the two snow queens I blogged about in earlier posts.
Josh and I were engaged for quite a long time… too long, to be honest, but we were trying desperately to save up for a wedding… and it seemed life wasn’t going to allow us to ever keep enough of our money to do this! But we don’t mind… we are happy! :) We had a family friend marry us in their backyard with just immediate family. Nothing fancy, nothing too formal. We are both religious, or at least we are now, and thus, the wedding was not really about anything except our commitment and so I wouldn’t really have it any other way…

April has been nuts though, I must say!
As I write this, Josh is giggling to the Onion Radio News on his ITunes… pretty funny stuff. He’s going back to Grad School soon enough as well so more change is on the horizon.
Well, onward and upward!

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