A Long Weekend…

Well… this weekend has been full of work! Which is definitely a good thing.

Here are some paintings I worked on over the weekend as well as a logo I am designing…
This is the logo… It is for a camp group that teaches art to children. :0
These are more work for Fadenrot…

I still thinking working for this client has been like a dream!
I have to print out a manuscript I received over the weekend as well to see if I can get it all worked out… I like the first stages of working on a book… letting it kind of stew in my brain, let first impressions really set in, try and highlight instances I felt really stood out in the story, moments I can use to get emotional responses, etc. This book is by a self publisher, but I am not opposed to working for these clients.
I will post the work as I go! This project is due at the end of the month so it should be a bit grueling as far as schedule goes, but it should also be fun!
So, let’s keep in touch!
God Bless!

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