Back from New Mexico

I just got back from a 4 day Family Reunion in Albuquerque, New Mexico… :) Of course, the morning after our 16-hour drive, I was hit with a vertigo spell due to Labyrinthitis… (inflamation of the inner ear that throws off your sense of balance). Luckily, my older sister is a nurse and she gave me some meclizine (like a kind of dramamine). Anyway, still a bit dizzy, but feeling ok.

The trip was to see my Grandpa who is not feeling great as of late… although he seemed in good spirits with everyone around him. I’m glad I got to see him as I don’t often get to… sometimes years between visits to see our relatives. I’m always a bit stunned at how awesome my extended family is, too. :)
Well, being back at home is nice, too.
Here are some shots of our apartment and my relatively “new” workspace in Long Beach, not Portland. :)

I also was able to draw a bit. Here is a close-up of the sketch you can see on the desk.

I really should paint some new little paintings and get my submissions out for the summer! I uploaded some pictures… (you can see part of my calendar that I print every month and have scribbled in deadlines… this month hasn’t filled up yet, but I’m hoping it will soon!).
Below is Josh on the computer with our two pugs napping in the summer heat… they just got baths… we turned off all the lights and have fans going to help keep their little bodies cool…♥♥♥

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