So the summer heats seems to have turned off my brain… (I really need that Mary Blair poster to arrive now!!!!)

I managed to sketch a bit. In-between projects and late at night… :)
I kept thinking of flopping into chairs … or looking out a window… or reading… blowing bubbles… playing with water…. (can’t explain the turtle neck)… can you tell I’ve got Summer-itice?
Does this ever happen? Your brain is off… but you want to draw… you can get as far as sketching… but there isn’t that crazy… “Oooh, want to paint that one!” feeling??? I really hate this.. haha…
Well, the weekend is around the corner… so who knows, right? ;)
And I DO still have some more birthday money to spend…

2 thoughts on “sketching…”

  1. GREAT sketches Mai! And yes I get that all the time. But then one day, you do a sketch that really speaks to you personally and then you MUST paint it. I keep sketching stuff until that feeling completely overwhelms me. Then I paint instead of doing bills, going to an appointment, or some other important thing. Then I explain to them that I had to paint. They don't get it though. ;-) just kidding of course. for the most part I'm kidding. haha

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