Leprechauns are fun to paint! (especially with dainty shoes!)

He had to have crazy red hair… :)

We’ve been having rain (which isn’t really rain to me after living in Portland… more like very light showers) and then hot afternoons here in SoCal.  However, this morning was crisp, sunny, with that nice cold Fall air… I was walking around in a T-shirt and ran into a couple all bundled up (even their dog) and realized that the Pacific NW was still in me somewhere.  And I’m usually so cold?

Anyway, I’m pooped.  Glad tomorrow is Friday although this weekend proves to be busy anyway with work.

This must be all I ever blog about… hmmm….

Our Netflix came in the mail today – lot’s of Charlie Chaplin!  Which should be interesting since we recently watched a slew of Buster Keaton (whom I like more).  When I’ll find the time to watch these, who knows…  I still haven’t caught up on Dr. Who!!! (ooh, that’s so bad).

Pugs are snoozing…  I think they are trying to tell me something… zzzzz….

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