Kid Review for "Polka-dot Fixes Kindergarten" :)

Sun 2 Oct 2011
KID REVIEW: Brooke lifts up “Polka-Dot Fixes Kindergarten”
Posted by Pat under Book reviews No CommentsBrooke and "Polka-Dot Fixes Kindergarten"Starting a new school year is always exciting and scary. And that’s doubly true for students venturing off to kindergarten for the first time.Author Catherine Urdahl takes on this topic in Polka-Dot Fixes Kindergarten (Charlesbridge, 2011). Dorothy, who’s better known as Polka-Dot, skips off to kindergarten ready to learn. But she brings a fix-it kit full of her grandfather’s favorite repair tools just in case.
At first, kindergarten doesn’t look like it will be very fun. Her name tag says, “Dorothy,” there are lots of rules to remember and there’s a girl named Liz who doesn’t appreciate Polka-Dot’s name or fashion sense. And, grandpa’s fix-it tools don’t seem to work as well at school as they do at home — at least initially.
Today’s guest reviewer has successfully navigated the waters of kindergarten and, therefore, is thoroughly qualified to comment on this book. So take it away, Brooke!
Our reviewer: Brooke
Age: 8
Things I like to do: Play with my friends and my sister.
This book was about: A girl named Polka-Dot going to kindergarten.
The best part was when: Liz and Polka-Dot made up.
I smiled when: Polka-Dot fixed Liz’s dress.
I was worried when: The boys saw Liz’s underpants.
I was surprised when: Liz’s dress split.
This book taught me: To always be nice.
Three words that best describe this book are: “Fix.” “Help.” “Friendship.”
My favorite line or phrase in this book is: When she said, “Let’s be friends.”
Other kids reading this book should watch for: Stripes and polka-dots.
You should read this book because: It is a good book.
Thanks, Brooke!

(from the Blog “Read, Write, Repeat” by Pat Zietlow Miller)- thanks for reviewing!!! :)

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