Fadenrot!- Xmas Merch!

Here is a Christmas clothing illustration I recently did for Fadenrot! ;)

Have you already finished shopping for Christmas presents?  How about an adorable outfit for the Holidays?

I also see that a new book I illustrated written by Alex J. Stokas, The Little Weaver (a Christmas Story) is now available on  the web! ;)

Fun! Fun! Fun!
Been going crazy working on new character work and interiors for Lou Lou as well… she has gone through many transformations, but we have finally decided upon her look ♥

I have posted images before as well… but I am really enjoying working on this project so far… I wish so much I could tell you all about her and all the awesome things going on with her island and her adventures and how brave this little girl is… but that will have to wait!
Ok, a quick break… ice cream and Humphrey Bogart with the husband before a weekend of working, cleaning, and pug bathing!

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