The "Go-ahead"

The “Go-ahead” is what I refer to as the “Ok to start painting” part of project… this makes me both excited and nervous.  I managed to paint the first page of a book I am working on and have here a portion of the painting.  So far, this has promised to be one of my most loved book projects.  I think this girl is someone I am happy to help create.  She is truly lovable… which I keep writing and cannot give more details!

;-/  Some day soon!

Anyway, I am tired… but I am waiting up a bit longer in case my client from overseas wants to give me a call for some quick feedback!  Again, glad for the coming weekend… it means I can spend all my attention on the paintings!! Although Saturday is the Art Supply Warehouse Christmas Party… so maybe I will have to make some time for that event!

Some day I hope to have more time to do art… to do this full time instead.  There are so many things that could be said about having to work a day job… while your love lies in wait… and you struggle with the “day to day” vs. moments of complete sadness/panic that you’ll never truly see your dreams come true.  Jeez, that was a downer.

Ok, on a positive note, love the work, glad for it, and enjoying!!


3 thoughts on “The "Go-ahead"”

  1. Congratualations (a very belated one, sorry) on Polka Dot!!! That is awesome. Loved the sweet interview too..and oh, my, Mai, your character development of this sweet (and brave) little girl are marvelous! Super congrats on the go-ahead – I know this will be an amazing book. Looking forward to it's release! Happy holidays to you and yours!

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