Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater… and other sketches

So it’s Sunday night.  I managed to do my character sketches for Fadenrot as well as do some sketches of my own.  These are a few for the Peter Pumpkin Eater poem… :)  I kind of liked it to be a bit dark… so in case its hard to see in the bottom ones, she’s actually sort of being kept prisoner.  I wanted to put bars on the windows and the gate to be a bit intimidating…

I also did a little sketch of what I thought Mrs. Hudson from Sherlock Holmes might look like when she was younger… the boy was maybe a love interest?  I didn’t go very far with that idea… I did kind of think she must’ve been a bit mischievous?  and perhaps had an interest in Mystery novels? ;)
I also did a little sketch with a girl and her Scottish terrier… My mother-in-law just put her Scottie down… and I couldn’t help imagining a little girl with a matching bow on her dog… 
Anyway, I hope that I can get a final version of the Peter Pumpkin Eater painted… but a little birdie told me that starting Monday I may be a bit over my head with work!
Once I get approval on my work for Fadenrot I can then show those sketches as well.
Well, the house is clean… the dogs are sleepy… Josh is typing away at his new script… what a day!!!

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