I am in this weird state where I am slammed with freelance work, but not yet sure if I can make the bounce from full-time Purchasing Agent to full-time freelance Illustrator Extraordinaire!  As I’ve never had quite so much illustration work pouring in and therefore am feeling a bit overwhelmed but also at this point where I don’t want my day-job getting in the way of my illustration work- which it seems like it is….
So, what to do?
I am praying and hoping for some clarity there soon… I think if I get some “for sure” jobs (I have two in limbo at the moment) then I might make that jump…

In the meanwhile, here is a little character study for the second installment of Lou Lou!  (She is in her U.K. School uniform garb and lookin’ cute if I may say so myself…hee hee.)

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